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Neville Trust Celebrates an Amazing 475 Years of Staff Service

Neville Trust, one of the region’s longest-established family-owned group of businesses, has held its first Long Service Awards, post pandemic, and celebrated a record-breaking total of 475 years of exemplary service from 37 very special team members.

Neville Trust, which includes Neville Funerals, Neville Special Projects, and Neville Joinery has a long tradition of employing locally and a reputation for a focus on staff welfare, training and career development for those that join. Those recognised with a Long Service Award this year represent a significant 20 per cent of the overall workforce.

Vicky Trumper, Director of Neville Funerals: “We really could not be more proud of everyone who was awarded a Long Service Award this year, and we thank them for all the hard work and dedication they bring to their roles every day. We hope that these extraordinary numbers are reflective of the environment of personal and career development that we take so seriously across all our Neville businesses.

“It’s important to celebrate these milestones and acknowledge what they make possible for both the business and its customers. In times when people are quick to change their jobs or careers, it’s heart-warming to see that our employees want to stay and grow with us.

“In return, we fully appreciate the enormous skill, enthusiasm and dedication that all our employees bring to work daily. They are all remarkable every day.”

The continued cost-of-living crisis is causing more employees to change their jobs in an attempt to increase their earnings. It was recently reported that 26 per cent (7.7 million) of the UK workforce is planning to change jobs and 68 per cent of these people are looking to do so within the next six months.

Despite this, Neville Trust is bucking the trend by keeping its staff happy through continuous career development and opportunities, mental health support for those who need it, and a work culture that truly brings the best out of people.

Painting and Decorating Manager Steve Tott with Vicky Trumper

Steve Tott, at Neville Special Projects, who just received his 40-year-long service award, added: “I’m very proud to say that I have been working alongside Neville Trust for the past 40 years, having seen the company grow and prosper each year makes me feel like I’m having a real impact.

“The long service awards were a fantastic way to show appreciation, with many members from Neville Funerals, Neville Special Projects and Neville Joinery coming together to highlight our work.

“I truly believe that working for Neville’s is like working with your family, our ideas are listened to and our opinions matter, something that can’t be said about every workplace.”

The Neville Trust is an independent family run group of companies that has been operating successfully across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and the surrounding areas for more than 140 years.



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