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Vicky Trumper - Director

Vicky Trumper.jpg

When leaving school there was no suggestion that Vicky would join the business with the expectation that her male relatives would follow in the family footsteps.  Vicky embarked on a career as a nurse, firstly in London at the Royal Free Hospital and then in Gloucestershire as a midwife within a specialist maternity hospital.  It was only a passing comment, in summer 1990, about whether she should join the business as none of her male relatives had done so – that started her journey with Neville's.


Her first months were spent alongside our then Company Secretary, Paul Woodcraft, learning all about the business and how it all fitted together – alongside studying for a degree in Business Studies at the same time. Following Paul’s retirement Vicky took over directorships and the role of Company Secretary for the whole group, which remains part of her role to the current time, alongside the HR, and Risk and Management responsibilities for the group, as well as being Managing Director for Neville Funeral Service.

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